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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 048 A Sleepover in Fully Powered Poses!

The Pokémon School classmates and Professor Burnet have come to Professor Kukui's house, and it's decided they'll have a sleepover! The fun hours race by quickly as they play games, practice battling, eat... but once night has fallen, Professor Burnet spots Lilie sneaking out of the house after everyone has gone to sleep. She tries following her, and finds Lilie staring out at the sea, looking lonely. Just what has happened...?

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Special bonus release: Episode 49 of Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon also happens to be the 1000th episode of the Pocket Monsters anime as a whole. To commemorate this, comedian Sunshine Ikezaki has a heavily promoted appearance in the episode as a guest voice actor, and a special video was release on Youtube to advertise this.

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  1. Huh, I don't think I was ever aware of such an important milestone back when the episode first aired. That's pretty neat to know but also depressing in the making-you-feel-old sense.

  2. Did a quick stealth rerelease to fix a really stupid-looking typo (croquette misspelled as "croquet"). No real point in redownloading if you already grabbed the release, but it bugged me enough to fix.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up and the latest release, PM

  3. The story is really picking up now, so nice.
    Thanks a lot for yet another sub PMFS!

  4. That last scene was so intense, especially when Lilie misinterpreted Silvady as a threat to her and lost the ability to even touch Snowball. Thank you, PM.