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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pocket Monsters XY 020 The Battle Chateau Challenge! Viola VS Zakuro!!

Satoshi and friends reunite with Viola, Gym Leader at the Hakudan Gym, at the "Battle Chateau", where people meet for Pokémon battles. They also meet another person: Zakuro, the Gym Leader at Satoshi's next destination, the Shoyo Gym. Both Viola and Zakuro have a lot of wins at the Battle Chateau, and are finally going to battle each other! What will be the outcome of this match between two Gym Leaders!?

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Pocket Monsters XY 019 Madame X's Evil Plot! The Terrifying Calamanero!!

As the Rocket Gang are working out plans for getting Pikachu, the mysterious Madame X and her Calamanero appear before them. And incredibly, Musashi and Kojiro end up brainwashed by the light that suddenly emits from Calamanero. Nyarth, who barely managed to escape, asks Satoshi and friends for help. However, Calamanero reappears, and brainwashes Pikachu too.

Satoshi's friends then get brainwashed one after another... how will Satoshi deal with this crisis!? And what is Madame X and Calamanero's ultimate goal!?

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes the Movie - Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo

The Genesect are Pokémon resurrected by the Plasma Gang through the modifiation of 300 million year old fossils. When they return to the place they once knew as their home and find it has been radically changed, now being a mountain ravaged by blizzards, they lose themselves in despair.

"Want to... go home..." With these words, the five Genesect head towards the metropolis New Tork City, searching for the 300 million year old landscape they once knew.

Mewtwo sensed the Genesect's voices. Just like the Genesect, Mewtwo is a Pokémon created by human hand; a Pokémon born from the genes of Mew.

At that point, Satoshi, Pikachu and their travelmates are visiting New Tork City. They have come there to check out "Pokémon Hills", a facility created to protect and shelter the Pokémon in the area. They are amazed at how Pokémon can live peacefully in the middle of a giant city like this.

Then, the Genesect arrive. The red Genesect fires an energy blast towards Satoshi and the other with incredible speed! "Eliminate the enemy!", it says.

Incredibly, the group is saved from certain death by the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. "Genesect are Pokémon not meant to exist in this world. They're just like me", it says. Understanding perfectly well their grief, Mewtwo confronts the Genesect as they attack the city. Fierce shockwaves from their intense brawl fly through the entire city.

As the two Pokémon both surpass their limits, the battle turns into the wildest Pokémon speed battle ever seen! What is the true power displayed by the Awakened Mewtwo? And how will this destined battle end?

Satoshi has vowed to take the Genesect to their home. Alongside Pikachu, he sets off to help the city through this crisis. Will he manage to fulfill his promise!?

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For maximum enjoyment, we recommend that you watch the Highlight Showcase Special and the tie-in TV special before the movie.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pocket Monsters XY 018 Wake Up Kabigon! Please, Let's Have a Battle in Parfum Palace!

Satoshi and friends are visiting Koboku Town, where they find a sleeping Kabigon loudly snoring. There's only one way to wake this Kabigon: By having King Shabboneau play the "Pokémon Flute" for it. However, this flute has been taken by the selfish princess of Parfum Palace. Satoshi and friends head to meet with the princess and get the flute back, but when the princess is asked to return it, she agrees on one surprising condition...!?

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