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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 010 The Strongest Pelipper in History Shows Up!!

During their journey, Satoshi and his friends find what claims to be an unofficial Pokémon Gym "with the world's strongest Pokémon". It catches the group's interest, despite them doubting the words "world's strongest". When they knock on the door to the Gym, a boy named Antony and the "Water Bird Pokémon" Pelipper come out. Satoshi immediately initiates a battle, but the "Water type" Pelipper has both "Grass type" moves and "Fire type" moves come out of its mouth!! Kimori and Subame get defeated in rapid succession by this outlandish variation of moves. Pikachu somehow manages to cause a draw, taking a lot of damage in the process, and Satoshi takes the three Pokémon to the Pokémon Center for treatment.

Meanwhile, when the Rocket Gang attempt to steal Pelipper, having heard about it being the world's strongest Pokémon, they accidentally end up exposing the secret behind its protean moves. Taking the opportunity to make money off it, they...

But just what is the secret behind the world's strongest Pokémon?

Torrent Link: Click Here

Episode Notes and Comparison: Click Here

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 004 Shishiko and Kaenjishi! A Fiery Departure!!

During their journey, Satoshi and the others encounter a Shishiko that's attempting to become independent! It leaves the Kaenjishi pride behind and sets off, but the road ahead of it is filled with hardships! Satoshi and the others are touched by how the Shishiko still works its hardest in its attempt at becoming a grownup, and support it from the shadows. But the Rocket Gang appear to have a nasty plot running behind the scenes...?

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 003 Mega Tabunne VS Giga Giga Nyarth!!

The woman Satoshi and his friends rescue in a forest turns out to be a slightly eccentric Joy who researches Mega Evolution. Satoshi and the others head to the Pokémon Center together with her, but they don't get to enter it! Apparently Joy's assistant Tabunne is angry at her for just leaving like that all the time. Satoshi and his friends do their best to make the two reconcile, but then the Rocket Gang shows up!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 002 Hot-blooded Hariborg! Squishy is Being Targeted!!

While Serena was practicing for her Tripokalon together with Eievui, a wild Hariborg suddenly appeared! Incredibly, it appears this Hariborg had fallen in love with Eievui at first sight. But while the Hariborg keeps trying to show off, it appears to have the exact opposite effect on Eievui than intended... What will the conclusion to Hariborg's love be!?

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 001 The Explosive Birth of Z! That Which Lies Hidden in Kalos!!

The long-awaited new series finally premieres! Aiming to enter the Kalos League, Satoshi and his friends continue their journey towards Eisetsu City, where the last Gym is located. While taking a break, the group encounters a mysterious, squishy Pokémon the Pokémon Zukan has no data on!? As Satoshi and the others get excited that it might be an entirely new Pokémon species, a mysterious group of people suddenly attacks them!?

 This is the second half of the Pocket Monsters XY&Z Premiere Celebration Special.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY Special - The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV

Alan's journey in pursuit of becoming the strongest once again takes him to the Kalos region.
Wanting to become even stronger, he bets his Mega Ring and Mega Stone on being able to defeat 10 Mega Evolution users in a row.
Alan throws himself into battle. Manon worries about Alan.
And when Manon's partner Hari-san meets a mysterious being, something terrible happens...
We've finally reached the final act of the story! Don't miss the shocking climax!!

This is the first half of the Pocket Monsters XY&Z Premiere Celebration Special.

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