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Friday, July 29, 2016

Abareru-kun's Pokémon Movie Guide That Will Blow You Away!

We're bringing you choice information on "Pokémon the movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna", which July 16th premiere is right around the corner! Your host Abareru-kun (overly?) passionately presents the highlights of this year's Pokémon movie!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 032 The Kalos League Begins! Mega Lizardon Showdown: X VS Y!!

The Kalos League has finally arrived! Everyone participating in the league are strong Trainers that have gathered 8 badges! And among them are Trainers Satoshi has met before, like Shota, Tierno and Trova. Satoshi is as excited as can be right from the get-go. But then a Trainer challenges him to a battle immediately after spotting him!?

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 031 Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival!

As Satoshi and his friends continue their journey, they drop by the "Ingenuity Festival", where one can experience various ingenious devices created by masters in the field from all over Kalos. The place is filled with exciting and thrilling devices, and the invention-loving Citron gets super pumped! Satoshi and the others are of course enjoying themselves as well, but during the festival, they end up getting separated from Pikachu and the other Pokémon! Not only that, but the Rocket Gang is lurking around behind the scenes with some sort of nasty plot, and...?

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 030 Find Melecie! Numelgon and Dedenne!!

As Satoshi and his friends head towards Miare City, where the Kalos League will be held, they drop by the wetlands where Numelgon lives. Satoshi and Numelgon are overjoyed at seeing each other again, but then trouble suddenly arrives!? Incredibly, a single Melecie appears to be going on a rampage in the wetlands. Satoshi and his friends attempt to stop the Melecie, but then the Rocket Gang show up in a giant mech!?

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 029 Satoshi Gekkouga VS Mega Yukinooh! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!!

Due to what happened in the forest, Satoshi has matured a bit further. No longer at a loss on what to do, he once again attempts a Gym match! His opponent, the Gym Leader Urup, sends forth the Mega Yukinooh he didn't use in the previous battle, driving Satoshi into a corner. How will this fierce battle end...? Will Satoshi manage to get the badge this time!?

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