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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 003 Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotom Zukan!

Satoshi receives a new Pokémon Zukan from Professor Kukui. Incredibly enough, this Pokémon Zukan is an amazing Pokémon Zukan that can speak human language, called the "Rotom Zukan". Satoshi and Pikachu immediately go to the forest with the Rotom Zukan. Meanwhile, the evil organization known as the Rocket Gang arrives in the Alola region on orders from their boss Sakaki, and...?

This is the first half of the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 1 Hour Special.

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  1. Replies
    1. Don't comment the same thing three times; there's no need for that... Also, calling PM "buddy" is a little bit creepy.

  2. So fast yet equally as amazing subs as normal. PMFS for sure has hit the ball park this fortnight.

    You are back at full force for sure guys may the team keep up the great work for many episodes to come.

    As it's only a single 22 min episode to go and the special block until us watching it in the right order nerds can finally watch them as well as these in a marathon I think lets finish it off with a bang and have the full 44 minute block subbed as a one off just to end XYZ catchup for good although we did these 2 special blocks in parts what do you say guys?!!!!?

  3. Ok, yay. Just read the side bit appears that the special block is going to be done in the 44 minutes format and that we are going to reach the conclusion with a bang.

  4. Thanks for the latest release, PocketMonsters Fansubs.

  5. Nice to see this is going! I'm eager for the rest of the XY&Z subs to come out, I'm not going to watch the last episode until they do just cos. :v

  6. Hey PM team,
    just to inform you that it might be a wrong description of the episode above
    "This is the first half of the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 1 Hour Special."

    1. This one-hour special included Sun & Moon episodes 3 and 4, but PM chose to do them one at a time - 3 first and then 4 - in two separate releases. 4 will come at a later date, but this is 3 only.