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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 002 Enter the Guardian Deity Kapu-Kokeko! Let Us Attempt To Master Our Z-Move!!

Satoshi and Pikachu have decided to enroll in the Pokémon School. One day, their classmates decide to hold a surprise welcome party for them! But in the middle of this excited party, Kapu-Kokeko, the Pokémon known as the island's guardian deity, shows up, and...?

This is the second half of the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 1 Hour Special.

Torrent Link: Click Here


  1. Thanks for the new release, keep it up

  2. thank you I am saving these for when XYZ is over and I see the movie

  3. Great quick release! Can I ask, though, why did you choose to omit English subtitle of the Japanese text the Z-Moves on the screen when you did it for the Japanese text in XYZ?

    1. In episode 1, Kaki says the name as he uses the move, and in episode 2 Kukui says it shortly afterwards, so it seemed pretty pointless. Most, if not all, future Z-moves are likely to have the users say their name around the same time the text is on screen.

  4. Thanks for the latest release, PocketMonsters Fansubs

  5. always the best. Thank you very much.

  6. Nice. I didn't know that this was shown out of order anyway but it did X,Y & Z isn't finished in England yet but the first 2 S&M have aired in the UK already in the sub par but better than their X, Y and Z dub job English dub.

    It's airing on here exactly like it is in England in a way so it's right that they are uploaded overlapping I guess although they haven't aired the final XY&Z out of order as of yet in the English though as it hasn't got that far yet.