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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY 068 Mega Evolution is Being Targeted! The Bond with Gablias!!

Satoshi and his friends visit the Platane Laboratories. They are delighted to learn that the Mega Stone Professor Platane has found is a Gabliasnite, but then the Key Stone, the Mega Stone and Gablias get stolen by the Rocket Gang. Satoshi and the others chase after the Rocket Gang as they flee the scene, but the Rocket Gang attempt to mega evolve Gablias and send it to attack them!?

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  1. Holy tits, that was fast.
    Thanks a lot for the sub!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the speedy last few. You guys are great!

  3. Thanks for the speedy release PM subs!!!

  4. It's been a very busy, borderline-stressful week. Of all of the shows I watch, Pokemon brings a smile to my face the most. Thank you guys per usual for the release, I say it all the time but I mean it when I say that it's "just what I needed" :)

  5. Thanks for the quick release, PocketMonsters Fansub!

  6. Will you be translating the Hoopa's Appear Plan specials from Oha Suta?

    Thanks for all the Pokemon.

  7. I Got a Question Did Serena hugged Satoshi on this episode