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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pocket Monsters 45 - Sing! Purin!

Satoshi and friends are trudging along through the desert. The sun is setting, and they are going to have to camp out there...... Then suddenly, they see glittering lights in front of them, as a city covered in flashing neon lights comes into view. This is Neon Town, the city that never sleeps, famous for being busting with activity 24/7. The townspeople seem to value their spare time too much to want to waste it by sleeping, constantly wanting to enjoy themselves instead. However, while the city comes across as a really magnificent place, the townspeople are all really irritable and angry. Fights occur every day, and Junsa has her hands full.

After barely getting any sleep at night due to the noise, Satoshi and friends have had enough and leave the city for a quiet forest...... and there, they happen upon the singing Pokémon Purin.

Torrent Link: Click Here


  1. Nice to see a classic episode again, thanks for the hard work. :)

  2. double release today!
    amazing as always,
    keep it up guys... love your work

  3. Thank you for the classic episode, PocketMonsters Fansubs

  4. Thank you for another classic episode, would be nice if we could get more frequent classic episodes.


  6. HELL YEAH INDIGO LEAGUE <3 <3 thank you SO much!!! i've been so excited for this release!!

  7. These old episodes are pure gold! Classic 90's animation is the best, thank you :D The humor, animation and energy is still leagues better then what they make today. Please release more classic episodes frequently PM!

  8. Thank you very much! I knew that upcoming release would show up eventually.

  9. Purin's face scribbles always make me smile. Thank you for subbing this episode, PM.

  10. How do you download I’m having trouble seeing this :(

    1. This question is best answered by the explanation I gave to someone else a while back:

      If you click on "Click Here" in "Torrent Link: Click Here," the file will be downloaded to your computer, but just doing that is not enough to watch the video. There are two softwares that you will need to download if you haven't already. One of them is qBittorrent:

      which will create a video file from the file you downloaded. You will also need VLC Media Player: (make sure that you only click on the green button that isn't part of some advertisement)

      which will enable you to watch the video and see its subtitles. When you open the video file you created with qBittorent, be sure that you specifically open it with VLC Media Player or you might not be able to see the subtitles.

      Finally, even though you can download the torrent file directly from this blog entry, you do not need to find the specific blog entry of every video you want to watch. All of PM's files are available in "BitTorrent Tracker" under "Important Links."