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Monday, October 9, 2017

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 031 Enter Lychee! Cry and Laugh, Island Queen!!

As an excited Satoshi is about to go to Akala Island together with everyone at the Pokémon School, Akala Island's Island Queen Lychee appears before him. Lychee possesses a mysterious charm that even lets her calm rampaging Kentauros, and Pikachu and the other Pokémon end up attached to her as well. Satoshi and the others set off for Akala Island with Lychee as their guide, but on the way they end up getting involved in trouble regarding some sea Pokémon... will they manage to safely reach Akala Island?!

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  1. Thank you, PocketMonsters Fansubs

  2. Because this episode was released on my birthday, I was reminded how much of a gift you are to everyone who watches your videos. Thank you, PM, for making us happy.

  3. Never disappoint when it looks like theres slacking and no more will ever come out and we are far behind the group releases a million at once to catch up on.

    Even when UK English was ahead and we had to watch the English for 2 episodes to get a fix on the Lily's Brother and Pokebase episodes because they came too late on the Japanese English ones we are now 3 ahead again now because of them only showing it on school holydays mass 5 at once during the weeks off now.

    I kinda prefered it during the first XY days where they played it out Sat and Sun during the weekend in the UK so we ended up being ahead of US for the final 2 weeks of the series but behind Japanese English subs but hey ho and yeah the order format for the Japanese XYZ being out of sync so I watcheed the English before the Japanese on the last ones bugged me too but I'm over it.

    The thing is all is good because the English Japan is out doing the pure english again in pace from the mass postings this past week.

  4. Glad to see you're catching up. You're three episodes behind the current English Dub series and about 14 episodes behind the Japanese release. Hope to see more of your subs.

  5. I suspect that since the Magearna movie is out, we'll be getting fansubs for those 14 backlog episodes at a breakneck speed.
    At least, I'm currently crossing my fingers for that to happen 😋