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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 017 Alola Detective Rotom! The Mystery of the Lost Crystal!!

One day at the Pokémon School, Satoshi realizes something terrible! Believe it or not, the precious Electric-Z he received from Kapu-Kokeko has disappeared. Satoshi panics, but Rotom decides to search for the Electric-Z for him. The truth is, Rotom is a huge fan of a crime show that's been all the rage in the Alola region lately. It says it wants to solve a mystery just like the protagonist in that show does. Rotom immediately sets out to search for the Electric-Z, but...?

Torrent Link: Click Here

Special bonus release: The missing PokéTV segment from Pocket Monsters XY&Z 045.

Torrent Link: Click Here


  1. Thanks for the new release, it's amazing seeing how you guys improve since you started S&M

  2. You're on fire this week! Thanks for all the releases (especially 016, I was really looking forward to that one)

  3. You're on fire this week! Thanks for all the releases (especially 016, I was really looking forward to that one)

  4. Thanks for the latest subs, PocketMonsters Fansubs.

  5. How to watch this episode? What is torrent?

    1. Torrent is a way for people to share files. If you click on "Click Here" in "Torrent Link: Click Here," the file will be downloaded to your computer, but doing that alone will not enable you to watch the video. There are two softwares that you will need to download if you haven't already. One of them is qBittorrent:

      which will create a video file from the file you downloaded. You will also need VLC Media Player: (be sure to click on the green button and not on any other one)

      which will enable you to watch the video and see its subtitles. When you open the video file you created with qBittorent, be sure that you specifically open it with VLC Media Player or you might not be able to see the subtitles.

      One last thing: although you can download the torrent file directly from this blog entry, you do not need to go find the specific blog entry of every video you want to watch. All of the files are available in "BitTorrent Tracker" under "Important Links."

  6. How to watch this episode? What is torrent?

  7. These guys are amazing. I do have a counter way to Eric's computer VLC or Windows Media Player with K Lite Codec Pack with the file associations set up to allow subs "which both is only my testing method" which means you can watch it on a big screen rather than tiddly piddley 19".

    1) First download Media Info and look at the bitrate and jot it down you will need it for lossless TV watching as in fact it's the same AVC format you are reconverting it to but in a all sources playable mp4 format what comes out at the end of it.

    2) Then download Handbrake the burn in subtitles converter.

    3) Choose what you beleive to be the highest preset on it.

    4) On the first screen ratio change it to 1:1 automatic if you get that annoying 2 right glitch switch to manual take the 2 away and put back onto auto it should then say 1:1 1280x720 if it doesn't in a second glitch change those numbers so it does and also take anamorphic off as that could be the issue.

    5) Second screen turn the filters they have in the preset to off it just puts more squares on the picture rather than take them away I find so nuke em.

    6) Thrid screen Codec: H264 FPS: Same with whatever option works better with fast forwarding on your TV on the circles. Optimise Video: The fastest your processor can handle rendering without getting loss on the picture. Tune: Animation High 5.0 as thats what the video says the high format is these days but have it on whatever the video says unless fast forwarding on your smart TV works rubbish on the option treak it if thats the case. Quality Average Bitrate on the number you jotted earlier and if you have a fast enough processor to handle it without picture loss check all the faster boxes as it would just speed the encoding up.

    7) 4th tab audio is a bit difficult to get numbers for in media info so if in doubt whack it on 192 and go onto your final tab.

    8) On subtitles move the scroll box down to SSA and whack that burn in option.

    9) Set a detination and a title mine will be PSM17.mp4 as I'm am a 31 year old Aspie fart and don't want other people seeing the title and I will only watch late at night when nobody is around.

    10) Finally whack start encode let it do it's thing and whack it on your USB ready for some late night sneaky guilty pleasure viewing on a bigger screen than a computer picture.

    11) Delete it off your USB when it's finished.