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Monday, October 31, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 043 Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!!

Satoshi and his friends go up against the legendary megalith in order to save the world. With their companions opening the way for them, Satoshi and Alan finally make their way into the megalith and rescue Hari-san. All that remains to do is stopping the megalith, but that's not easily done. But in this crisis, a certain legendary Pokémon starts acting!

This is the second half of the Pocket Monsters XY&Z 1 Hour Special.

Torrent Link: Click Here


  1. I'll have to admit, watching your video made me cry... Your translations really bring out the heartfelt emotions of all the characters. Thank you.

    Also, in "Upcoming Releases," XY&Z 047 is listed. You're not going to do 044-046 first?

    1. We got a lot of requests to do 47 first, since it's such an enormously huge episode. 44-46 will be done afterwards, so you can wait for those if you don't want to skip ahead.

    2. Is it more than the usual 23 minutes?

    3. Evan, I don't think by "enormously huge" they mean that the episode is longer than usual (it isn't), but instead that it is one of the most impactful and emotional XY&Z episodes ever, which is why people were so eager to see it.

      I have no problem with skipping ahead.

    4. There is a precedent for this.

      Three years ago, this group chose to work on and release the first few episodes of XY first, even though there were a few Best Wishes episodes remaining.

      In other words, they can work on these episodes out of their intended order. We should just be grateful that this group is working on these episodes at all.

    5. Ep 47 is not only emotional as the series finale but also "enormously huge" if you're an Amourshipper

  2. Thanks for the release ^^

    Let's hope you guys manage to finish XY&Z before Sun & Moon starts *fingers crossed*

  3. Thanks for the latest release, PocketMonsters Fansubs.

  4. Nice. Good job on this weeks release. I think you may have made it difficult for yourselves doing it out of order for the last few though as it would mean working on parts of all 3 episodes at the same time so they all come out the same week for those who want to watch in order.

  5. The Legend comes to an end. :(

    Anyway, Will you guys ever do Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station episodes? They're impossible to find online.

    1. They are everywhere. Those are very easy to find. Probably not the 600mb version anymore which is why the team probably were forced to make the downgrade if they make it from those to begin with but those not so great but adequate for the cause still 300mb raws are definitely a very easy find.

    2. It's pretty funny how different RAW's compare actually, this is my opinion on the best RAW's not counting voice acting and music as I'm biosed to japan on those fronts as the English one has got a bit dumbed down shall we say on the sound front in all areas to put it politely but also to the point.

      Japanese: Best definition, it is true HD and has a great brightness as well.

      English: Logo free when downloaded as the logo is a seperate stream and best colourings out of the lot of versions and possibly my favorate out of the lot as I use 1080 upscaling on my sky box whilst watching it, this version is possibly remastered for compensations of HD quality but thats no bad thing because in some scenes that are made for hi colour this looks the best even with upscaled to HD SD definition so it would be cool if we had someone replicate it on RAW Japanese footage and type those chroma values down for refference so the team can use the better colouring on the true HD every week.

      American: Captured in HD but not filmed from Cartoon Network HD at all but the SD version of the channel as the HD version of the station has a visable HD text in the logo which thee captures don't have so it's been pwned. Looks the worst of the bunch and the end credits are even non existant although it's just the crap biker theme anyway.

      I hope that is a great guide to what I think are the best RAW's of the episodes alone not the music or speech because of my biost which is why I actually watch both versions so I can enjoy watching the vivid colours version for relaxation after the Japanese main event for the actual episode.

      As for the slower paced 23.970fps format American version I've stopped watching that altogether it's crap being a very pixelated very SD looking non treaked for compensations version of the Japanese colourings footage the 25.000kps English version is way better it also sounds like the speech is slightly treaked to sound better than the slower speeched American one as well as Ash sounds more like a school girl than a smoking women with the treaks although still doesn't 100% sound boy like even with the treaks but it is watchable like that so it's my preferred English.

  6. Just watched Episode 39 to 43 1st time in one sitting, and that entire arc was great. Thank you!