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Friday, February 13, 2015

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 008 Habunake VS Kimori! The Pound Attack Finishing Move!!

Satoshi and his friends are having lunch in a clearing in the woods, one of the things they enjoy the most about their journey. However, as they're enjoying themselves, the "Poison Snake Pokémon" Habunake is eying their food from the bushes. It starts toying around with and mocking Haruka's Pokémon Achamo while stealing its food, but Satoshi's Kimori comes to the rescue with a stylish entrance. However, the angry Habunake's counterattack leaves Kimori with a badly injured right arm.

Kimori is rushed to a Pokémon Center for treatment, but it can't forgive itself for losing to the Habunake like that. Wanting to settle the score with the Habunake, it quietly sneaks out of the Pokémon Center......
And as the Rocket Gang attempts to get the Habunake, a far more persistent Kimori prepares for its rematch!!

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  1. Finally an Advanced episode!! Love U guys :D

  2. Alright, a new AG episode! I had been hoping with ORAS being the latest Pokemon game at the moment we might see more of them. This episode I had been especially looking forward to, I LOVE Musashi's Habunake and had always got a kick out of how she captured it too.

    Thanks for all the hard work as always, and err, Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. THANK YOU GUYS! Hoen, (Advanced Generation) is the series where things REALLY picked up after years of sub-par Johto fillers. What a delight! Thank you!

  4. Always nice to see a classic episode on here, just wondering though.. do you guys just do classic episodes slowly when the newer episodes aren't getting too much in the way?

    Not to sound selfish or entitled but if you guys held some recruitment for a 'backlog team' as it were... well, let's just say 1 XY episode alongside a classic episode per week would make me and several others very happy. :)

    1. We're always recruiting, though if you don't know Japanese on a relatively high level, there's only so much you'd be able to contribute WITH, unfortunately.