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Monday, June 9, 2014

Pocket Monsters XY 030 Corni and Lucario! The Secrets of Mega Evolution!!

As Satoshi continues his journey together with his friends, he is suddenly challenged to a Pokémon battle by a girl named Corni and her partner Lucario. Satoshi uses Pikachu in the battle, but even it struggles greatly against Lucario's overwhelming strength. Incredibly, Corni is the Gym Leader of their next destination, the Shala Gym! Also, the glove she's wearing has a Key Stone in it. Does that mean Lucario is going to mega evolve...?

Torrent Link: Click Here

This is the second half of the Pokémon Mega-Mega Special.


  1. Thanks for the new release, PocketMonsters Fansub!

  2. Thank you for the ongoing releases you're doing!

  3. thank you for the newest episode

  4. Thanks for the episode! I will never watch Pokémon somewhere else again, nothing beats HD full screen mode!

  5. Would you be so kind to upload a vid with a smaller file size, like 200MB, so that it will be easier to download?


    1. We dropped the smaller SD releases due to little interest and few downloads. They also took longer for people to download since they got far less seeds.

      So no, there's no purpose.