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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pocket Monsters XY 014 The Eerie Rain Shelter! Nyasper Saw Everything!!

As Satoshi and friends continue their journey, they enter a mansion they find on their way to seek shelter from the rain. Shortly after, the Rocket Gang likewise enters it to get shelter. The mansion doesn't seem to have any people in it, but strange phenomena are taking place, like the lights turning on and the door slamming shut on its own. Despite being frightened by these things, both Satoshi and friends and the Rocket Gang continue further into the mansion. And then a mysterious shadow...

Torrent Link: Click Here


  1. LOL @ the thumbnail. Thanks as always for the XY weekly release guys! :-)

  2. Hi, thanks for the subs, I love it very much. By the way, I got one question, do you guys plan to subs the Genesect movie?

  3. any words on XY 1/2, release date wise?

    1. I hope you can prioritize eps 1 & 2 (Road to Kalos can wait) before doing #15, cause it feels weird to have watched so far yet missing the start of the journey :(. The New Year special already summarized both episodes, but that made me curious about the whole episodes.

      Anyway, as always thanks for the hardwork you guys put for subbing this! :)

  4. When is The "Road To Kalos" Episode be subbed and available for torrenting? ;)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi, first of all, my native language is spanish, but guys, you're so good with your work that I decided to watch it with your english subs instead with spanish subs. I mean, really thanks for your well-done and selfess work.

    Is just sad that I cannot pay this work, but there's no alternative for someone who want to see this. There's no "legal" alternatives...

    Anyway, just thanks guys, I'm with a silly connection (around 10-15kbps upload) but at least I want to share 1:1.