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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 030 Find Melecie! Numelgon and Dedenne!!

As Satoshi and his friends head towards Miare City, where the Kalos League will be held, they drop by the wetlands where Numelgon lives. Satoshi and Numelgon are overjoyed at seeing each other again, but then trouble suddenly arrives!? Incredibly, a single Melecie appears to be going on a rampage in the wetlands. Satoshi and his friends attempt to stop the Melecie, but then the Rocket Gang show up in a giant mech!?

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  1. Really quick again by PM! Seems like we'll catch up, just in time. Thanks once again

  2. Thanks! only two more and we are caught up!

  3. OMG thank you so much for the super quick sub! And since next next week doesn't have an episode we may only be one episode behind. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for the latest and quick release, PocketMonsters Fansubs.

  5. This episode might just be the exception, though, since there wasn't as much dialogue. The next episode might take a while.

    Thanks again for your hard work, PocketMonsters.

  6. Hi! Off topic but can you possible seed the following torrents? They are not downloading! Thank you!!

    1 - [PM]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Magnagates and the Infinite Labyrinths Promotional Videos[H264 720P][8B574EAF].mkv

    2 - [PM]Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2 Decolora Adventure 05 The Island of Illusions! Zoroark in Mist!![H264 720P][CD93F721].mkv

    1. They are seeded. The problem seems to be on your end.

  7. Thanks for the new ep! almost there keep it up