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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 028 The Winding Woods... The Dawn of Evolution!

Satoshi has disappeared into the forest at night all by himself. When he hasn't returned by morning, Pikachu and the others decide to wait for him. But then a massive storm suddenly arrives! Serena and the others get worried and set off together to search for Satoshi. Meanwhile, Satoshi has realized something while interacting with the Pokémon in the forest. And then, appearing before him, is...

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  1. Thank you! Ok guys we are only 3 behind and no episode this week I really hope you guys can do them ;-;

  2. Incredible episode! Thank you, guys! :)

  3. Thank you :D I was just in the mood for Pokemon

  4. Thanks for the new release, keep it up.. almost there

  5. Thank you, PocketMonsters Fansubs! I've been really looking forward to this episode.

  6. Thanks so much! This episode is one of the best episodes in Pokémon! So much emotion! I'm looking forward to the gym rematch! :)

  7. Thank you PMF.

    Good girl Serena. He needed a wake up call.
    Now he is ready for the rematch.

  8. random side question
    is there any chance that you guys gonna sub the... "pokémon chronicles" episodes?

  9. Thank you! we're almost at the kalos league :)

  10. Just like the preview suggested, the story telling as well as the way the characters were treated was different from the norm. It felt like a rather mature episode and was a rarity for being an episode to develop Ash beyond him wanting to get better. This is the kind of stuff that puts this season above others in the series.

    There was some new tracks in this episode, one obviously a instrumental remix of the OP.

    I liked the little bit between Ash and Serena and how it went afterward.

    I like how Eureka keeps wearing these Pokemon themed clothes like the Tyrantrum pajamas, Slowbro swimsuit, the Slurpuff snow clothing, and so on. The first is clearly the best one, though, is it even comfortable to sleep in?

    The Pikachu/Team Rocket bit in this episode was pretty funny. Pikachu has been getting side-lined all season so it's nice to see it get some time to itself. Team Rocket's odd reactions make perfect sense for them, it was funny when they just walked away from catching Pikachu because it's electricity was too weak (gotta cross that building+ threshold for Team Rocket to feel it :maybe ).

    Greninja looks weird without its tongue scarf in place.

    Eureka Dedenne needs to be a thing. They're an even better duo than Ash and Pikachu.

  11. what font do you use for your subs?

  12. My apologies for asking this again, but which PokeTV segments are missing?

  13. Well I'm finally caught up with Pokémon (stopped in the middle of the last best wishes season), took me 3 months to catch up but I finally did.

    What I want to say is a big thank you for your hard work, I've been watching you for a while now and I'm ashamed that it's only the first time I'm thanking you, but know that I really do appreciate the work you put in to bring us Pokémon subbed.

    So again, thank you and keep up the good work :)