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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pocket Monsters XY&Z 017 Thunder and Onvern! A Furious Strike of Lightning!!

Satoshi and his friends decide to drop by a town where a festival based around the legendary Pokémon Thunder is said to be held. However, as they're on their way towards the town, an intense thunderstorm occurs! The group hurry into a cave for shelter, where they encounter Stan, an injured rescue worker. Stan is unable to move, so Satoshi and his friends decide to deliver the medicine he was on his way to the town with in his place, but as they exit the cave, they see the Thunder that was rampaging earlier as it...!?

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  1. I've been waiting on this one for a while. Thanks for the release.

  2. VERY good episode which redeemed the train-wreck which was the Zapdos Johto episode from way back when!

    Although some have criticized this episode for being way too similar to the recent Moltres episode, I feel the episode stood on it's own. It reminded me of the second movie in many ways (with the three Legendary birds going on a rampage), and also was a fine addition to the battles Ash has had with the other two Legendary birds (remember the battle with the Articuno for the first Frontier Brain symbol).

    Won't give it away, but the second act made this episode feel even grander. A great example of how an episode can diverge from the main plot (Team Flare and the Zygarde Cores, Ash's upcoming gym battle, Serena's upcoming Master Class Tripokolan) and completely act as a slam dunk.

    Great episode! thank you for the subs, guys! Eagerly looking forward to the Master Class :)

  3. Thanks for the new release, and i am looking forward to see your next release of PM

  4. looking forward for the final battle between serena and aria :)

  5. Woot! Been waiting for this one. Thanks for the release, PocketMonsters Fansub!