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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pocket Monsters XY 090 A Tag Battle is a Friendship Battle! Eievui Fights for the First Time!!

Serena is practicing hard for the Hyakkoku Tripokalon tournament that will be held the next day. Just then, Sana, who's entering that tournament as well, and Tierno, who rushed over to cheer Sana on, come over. While this makes Serena all the more fired up, the one thing she's really concerned about is her shy Eievui. They try out various things to make Eievui overcome its shyness, but...?

Torrent Link: Click Here


  1. Thank you for the upload!

    Hyped for the next episode and Ash's gym battle next Thursday!

  2. Hi. I would like you guys to have an opinion on my question:

    Can you guys finish the rest of the current season episodes before a new season starts to air?

    I know it may seems burdening, but IMO and so for others, we want to make sure we're getting much updated from our friends who've watched RAW version and now, we got left behind as the current situation is pretty much slow.

    Due to the upcoming XYZ, we would want to complete every episodes before its arrival. It may looks hard but worth a shot. So for bottom line, can you guys do it?


    1. We'll try, of course, but it's hard to give a definite answer.

  3. Thanks for the recent release, PocketMonsters Fansubs.

  4. Thanks for the episode, do you guys have an irc xdcc bot with the episodes on it?

  5. Hey Adamant/Sunain it's ETX here.

    I'm still interested in creatng character biographies, however I can't log in to my account. It says the username/password is invalid or hasn't been verified. I haven't received an email to activate said account, either. I created it at the end of September and still no results.

  6. I'm assuming your account is ETX. Let me know for sure. It says its active.