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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pokémon the Movie XY - Pikachu, What Kind of Keys are These?

The Key Pokémon Cleffy appears before Pikachu and friends!

When keys that possess mysterious powers are inserted into the keyholes floating in mid-air, the keyholes light up and expand and a magical subspace spreads out before the Pokémon!

Cleffy has keys that lead to all kinds of worlds. What kind of world does the key Pikachu receives take the Pokémon to?

Featuring Mayu Watanabe

1080P Torrent Link: Click Here (TrueHD audio) 
720P Torrent Link: Click Here (AC3 2.0 audio)


  1. Thank so much , So overly excited for the movie :)

  2. This might be a silly question, so sorry in advance, but I need to make sure:

    Is this soft-sub like the recent batch of TV episode? or is this hard-sub like the past movies released by your team? Thanks in advance

    1. It's softsubbed with hardsubbed karaoke.

    2. Wonderful! Thanks for the answer! :D

  3. Poke kudos for including HD audio in the 1080p version! As always you guys do a knock-out job! Thank you!! Wish you all a good 2015 and please keep the classic episodes coming more frequently :))

  4. Pikachu shorts always precede the Movie, just before it starts. Does this mean the Movie is almost ready...?

  5. Thanks for the release of the pre-movie special, PocketMonsters Fansub.