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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pocket Monsters XY 035 The Forest Champion! Enter Luchabull!!

As they continue their journey, Satoshi and friends come across a Ringuma bullying other Pokémon and attempt to stop it. Suddenly, the "Wrestling Pokémon" Luchabull appears. Satoshi is really impressed by Luchabull's attitude; it specifically uses cool moves for the purpose of "giving the battle flair".

Satoshi and Luchabull start training in order to perfect the finishing move "Flying Press" together, but then some really nasty Pokémon sneak up on them...!

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  1. I was watching at the end of the episode and they said something about airing the first five minutes of the new movie. Did you manage to get a video file for that?

    1. As it says in the "upcoming releases" field, our next XY release will be the Movie Premiere Special that was previewed at the end of this episode.

      As before, we'll release it in its entirety after cutting out the airing of the previous year's movie. So yes, that segment where they air the 5 first minutes of the new movie will be in.

  2. Fantastic!! Thanks so much for the update, I just love how everything looks so HD now, it makes a world of difference :D

  3. Thanks for the latest release, PM.

  4. Thanks for sub. I've one question. Why you hardsub OP & ED?

    1. The karaoke effects would cause lagging if they had to be rendered with softsubs.