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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pocket Monsters 65 - Rougela's Christmas

Children all over the world are looking forward to Christmas. A certain group of Rocket Gang members are, too. However, they're looking forward to it because they've come up with a plan to capture Santa Claus and get all the presents for themselves.

Musashi tells the other two they can never let their guard down when dealing with Santa Claus, remembering a Christmas some 10-odd years back when she was waiting for him in her bed.

You see, what actually showed up then was a psionic Pokémon wearing a Santa Claus hat and carrying a bag of presents...

NOTE: This episode was originally intended to be the 39th episode of the Pocket Monsters anime, and was meant to be aired December 23rd, 1997. However, as mentioned in the episode 38 release post, the show got taken off the air for four months due to the Porygon incident. When it returned in April, this episode wasn't seen as overly seasonally appropriate anymore, and was skipped over and temporarily shelved. It eventually aired as part of the one-hour "Pocket Monsters Winter Special" in October 1998. The episode wasn't edited in any way, and doesn't fit into the series continuity in that new position it was given at all, so we recommend watching these episodes in their originally intended order, and will be releasing them in that intended order for that reason.

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  1. Awesome work guys as always, great to see more of the original series and all the love and care put into this project, even down to making sure it is back in original as intended order, love it!! So after Ep 66 (Ep 40) "An Iwark Bivouac" will it go on to Ep 41 "Wake Up! Kabigon!" if i am understanding this right.

    Then later down the track once we hit the 60's "The Four Eievui Brothers" will become Ep 65 and "The Pikachu Forest" will become Ep 66 is that right?

    Anyway I can't stress enough how good a job you guys are all doing on this and all your Pokemon releases :)

    1. No, you seem to be a bit confused about the intended order. While it's true "An Iwark Bivouac" was meant to be episode 40, and will indeed be our next Kanto release, the episode meant to come after it as the 41st episode was "The Four Eievui Brothers", with "Wake Up! Kabigon" intended to be episode 42.

      "The Pikachu Forest", the first episode to air when the show came back on air (in a one-hour special together with "The Four Eievui Brothers"), had not been announced prior to the hiatus, and signs point to it having been produced in its entirety during the hiatus, the script having its fair share of expositionary dialogue introducing the show's concept to new fans and reintroducing it to older fans who haven't seen it for four months.

      We'll explain this stuff properly in upcoming release posts, but the order of the next few Kanto releases will be "An Iwark Bivouac", "The Pikachu Forest", "The Four Eievui Brothers" and "Wake Up! Kabigon".

    2. Aaah I see now, thank you very much for taking the time to reply in detail. So does that mean that "The Pikachu Forest" is kinda like an OVA and not a numbered episode then technically? Would I be correct in assuming that you will be releasing it as a special then rather than changing up the numbers of all the remaining episodes?

      Hope I'm not bothering you too much with the questions, I should probably just wait for the details when you release each episode but I'm just trying to figure out which category/folder on my computer I should pop it in when it comes out haha. Team PM does such a good job that I'm kinda treating your word as law on how to arrange stuff as you guys know your stuff :D

    3. No, "The Pikachu Forest" will be released as "episode 39". It's a regular episode, it was just produced under somewhat special circumstances. "The Four Eievui Brothers" will thus be released as episode 40. This is the standard numbering you'll see practically everywhere else.

      An OVA is a straight-to-home-video release (hence the name: OVA mans Original Video Animation") which is something entirely different.


  2. I had an old fansub of this episode on VHS. It came with a fansubbed copy of Pikachu's Summer Vacation. I'm starting to feel old now. :P Keep up the good work!

  3. I heard this ep was not dubbed because of Rougela's black face... I would understand that if they didn't air other black-faced Rougela episodes! I don't remember which ones but there were dubbed some of Rougela episodes with black face until in later series it was changed to purple... it appears the dubbers were out of paint back then or something :D

    1. No, the episode was dubbed. Some (only one?) US-only TV channel would later (only temporarily?) skip over it during reruns, but this was a very localized issue that only slightly affected a single country after the episode had already been aired there multiple times.

      We have put up some further info on the episode, including details on a Japan-only re-edit where Rougela was indeed repainted purple, at

  4. Thank you for also subbing the banned episodes! Also, are you planning to release episode 252 too?

  5. Thanks for the release, PocketMonsters fansub.

  6. My my, I am really grateful for your hard work on this subs, guys. I was looking for subbed Pokemon-episodes for a long time. It is way more enjoyable then the German dub. At first I wanted to make an suggestion: You should link your archive (this: ) somewhere here on this blog. Hell, I wanted to ask you already where I could download more stuff, before I found that site per chance. I was looking for torrents on other sites, where someone linked that site ^^

    No something else. While looking into your archive, I wondered about the large Gaps between the subs. Is there for example any logical reason why you subbed the advanced generation to episode 7 before jumping hundred episodes and continued with episode 118?
    And I wanted to ask why you´re not putting your subs on DDL, instead of Torrents? TBH, I never before cared about Torrents and only downloaded a client because of your subs.

    To end this, I wanted to say: I hope you´re gonna sub more of the Pikachu Short movies. Especially the Eevee and friends one ^^

    1. Going in order:

      The bittorrent tracker IS linked to on the blog. Look over to the "Important Links" section on the right.

      As for the AG gap, those episodes were subbed at different points in time. Episode 118 was the newest episode in Japan at the time we did that one.

      Torrents are used over DDLs because they are much easier to control and distribute.

      The Eievui movie is being worked on and should be out soon.